PP Plastic Hollow Construction Formwork Production Line

Product Description

Product usage
The PP building formwork production line can produce PP plastic building formwork, kitchen and bathroom board home improvement board.outdoor advertising board and other new environmentally friendly, non-toxic and fame retardant boards according to the requirements ofdifferent process formulas.
PP Plastic building formwork products are firenroof moisture-orof environmentally friendly non-toxc, low-cost. and simnle to construct. lnaddition. the oroduct surface is flat and smooth, and has the characteristics of naling, sawing, sticking, easy processing, reusable, and easy to recycle.
Equipment composition
SJ120/33 sinole screw extruder SJ75/33 sinole screw extrude Screw oader Vacuum oade Screen chanoer 1. Screen chanoer 2.Meterind oumoi1, Metering pump 2,Extrusion die, Distributor Vacuum calibration table, Vacuum system, Cooling bracket, Hau-of unit, Cooling bracket, Cutter.Stacker

Machine List


1Screw feeder (for SJ120/35)1set
2SJ120/35 single screw extruder1set
3Vacuum feeder for granules1set
4SJ75/35 single screw extruder1set
5Hydraulic screen changer (for SJ120/35)1set
6Hydraulic screen changer (for SJ75/35)1set
7Hydraulic station1set
8Metering pump (for SJ120/35 )1set
9Metering pump (for SJ75/35 )1set
10Extrusion mould (1220mm)1set
11Distributor for multi-layers (3 layers)1set
12Vacuum calibrator forming machine1set
13Forward cooling bracket1set
14Forward haul off unit1set
15Backward cooling bracket1set
16Backward haul off unit1set
17Cross cutter1set
19Electrical cabinet1set

Product Case