Pc Transparent Roofing Sheet Making Machine

Product Description

1. Product use:

970mm PC polycarbonate plastic transparent roof sheet production line making machine

PC lighting tile is a roof lighting material used for industrial plants, workshops and other buildings. PC lighting tile has excellent light transmittance and can reduce the lighting energy consumption inside the building when there is sufficient light. It also has weather resistance and impact resistance and can withstand the impact of extreme weather such as hail and sandstorms.

2. Advantages:
PC transparent roof tile has the advantages of light material, high strength, fire retardant, easy to carry and install, etc. It can effectively reduce the weight of the building, save labor and reduce engineering costs.

3. Equipment composition:
Screw feeder, SJ120 single screw extruder, vacuum feeder, drying hopper, SJ50 single screw extruder (UV co-extrusion), distributor, hydraulic screen changer, melt metering pump, flat extrusion die, three-roll calender, water temperature controller, tile oven, three-roll profiling machine, cooling bracket, longitudinal cutting device, cutting machine, tile profiling traction machine, upper and lower double-station laminating machine, electrical control system and other equipment.

4. Main technical parameters:

Host model Product width (mm) Product thickness (mm) Product waveform Extrusion capacity (kg/h)
Single-layer SJ120 single screw 840-1130, 1130-1340 1-2 Circular/trapezoidal waves 250-300
Co-extrusion SJ120+SJ50 single screw 840-1130, 1130-1340 1-2 Circular/trapezoidal waves 250-300